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Contractors Directory Listing

How Much does it cost to list my business?

It cost just $99 per year to list your business in our directory.

What information is published in the listing?

Your listing information include following information:

- Business name

- Contact person name

- Address, phone number, email address and web site address.

Why List with us?

Five reasons to list your business in our Contractors directory:

1. Only 15 companies in each category. This gives greater exposure to your business as compared to yellow page listing.

2. Fixed monthly cost which gives you greater ability to control your advertising budget. Unlike pay per click advertising where your budget varies and your ad could be stopped during the middle of the day.

3. Local content to attract local traffic to the site. This gives you good exposure to local buyers rather than get visits from out of towners.

4. Better return on advertising dollars. Pay per click advertising on average cost US$ 70 per lead which is very high as compared to directory listing lead cost of US$ 4.

5. No demand on your time. Pay per click advertising requires you to spend time on fine tuning your key words and bids on daily basis.

Check our Atlanta, New York & Los Angeles pages

How do i place my listing?

Click on the buy listing button and provide your payment and listing information.

How do i contact you for my listing?

If you have questions about your listing or want to make changes please email us at bizdev[at]getticketsinc.com

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